haven’t taken the time in a while to get anything queued up to keep this blog really active. lost a bit of interest in what i was doing for awhile because of my back up of pictures i want to edit. And when i get around queuing anything, it’s been for my giraffe blog because that one took off while this one started to slow down on activity.

been focusing on my editing too because i’m learning to try and restore old pictures. Have lots of disney pictures i plan to edit but i get stuck on the “what would people like to see?” Just something fairly simple or something out there? more punk edits? practice other stuff? i’m not sure, also been pretty bummed with my punk edits after one i really liked i was working on got lost from not being saved.

i don’t know, partly just random rambling.

what would you like to see more of from my disney edits or just on this blog?

Found and bought Nemo and Lady at a kids resale today.